Elephant Philosophy

We strongly believe that understanding/learning something from internet is not so easy as the people think.

Let's say you want to understand more about the Eiffel Tower -because this weekend you have invited your lovely partner to Paris and of course you want to impress her- So normally you will google "eifel tower" (Yeah, wrong typed, because you dont know anything about it). After the auto-suggest you will click on the first link (as 90% of the users) and of course its from Wikipedia. Eventually you will read the first 10% of the page to realize that the article is enormous!

-Bah, I dont have time for this, you will say, I wish someone could read it to me.

The next step is to find some images (you know the Tower is big, but was it black, grey, which shape had it again?). When you are done, you will have the great idea to watch some Youtube video, because it's easier to watch a short movie about the history of the Eiffel Tower, than looking different pictures without a special meaning. After you are done, you will probably know temporarly a little more about the Eiffel Tower, but nothing special to surprise your beloved one.

Well, this case has happend to me many times with the exactly example.

For this reasson we have created an engine that get all the information you need and organize it in one place.